About Alpine Sports

Alpine Sports is a Irish owned Company providing climbing and mountaineering clothing and equipment all over the world. It sells directly to our individual customers as well trade sale to commerical service providers. It continually adds new brands since it was started back in 2011, from humble beginnings to what you see today...

Based on the principles of good quality equipment and a fast and light approach to the mountains, you can see this throughout the carefully selected ranges of clothing and equipment. Good quality comes at a price but we try to keep our prices as keen as possible for what we are selling. We work with brands that we can rely on when the conditions are at their most challenging.

It's owner/founder, Nigel Dixon grew up in the midlands of Ireland, spending his time exploring the open country side and as he grew older, discovered his passion for the mountains of Ireland, UK, the Alps and Africa. 

Earlier days on Carrantoohil 

Years of experience covering camping, hiking, trekking, rock climbing, mixed, winter and alpine climbing has been part of the journey. It was winter climbing is Scotland when he realise how much fun it was to be in the wilds of winter climbing up an icy gully while the rest of world didn’t even know you were there. While he guides and likes to bring people into the mountains, he would love to see more people who start climbing and into the hills, all year round.


Nigel leads off on " Looking Glass Falls" - IV  Contuning up to the first Acent of ''Looking Glass Full'' in the Reeks in Kerry with Piaras Kelly of Kerry Climbing


Photo taken in Glen Malure in the Wicklow Mountains, Ireland

With a retail management background, Nigel worked with in Lowe Alpine for tens years and this gave him a great understanding of quality gear from the early pioneers within the brand.

While not limiting himself to the mountains, Nigel is learning how to skydive with a goal of been able to climb up and paraglide down from the hills. In early 2018 we moved to the south west of Ireland and brought Alpine Sports to Beaufort, to the foothills of the Reeks and Ireland's highest mountain. 

Nigel on his static line course

Photo taken at the Irish Parachute Club, Ireland

More recently Nigel has taken to Youtube to share his experiences and reviews of the gear we sell and use. Free free to share your content or stuff you like with us.